Aquerium, Architecture Querying Podium, helps biologists to trace evolutionary history of protein domains and families by providing their taxonomic distribution.


1) A domain-based protein family querier
2) A platform for visualizing one or more phylogenetic profiles


We need to visualize coevolution patterns of interacting protein families.


Inputs are protein sequences OR domains OR genome taxonomic identifiers

The only tool -
allowing multiple phylogenetic profile comparisons (up to 10) in the same figure.
enabling "absence" visualization in the phyletic distribution.
allowing advanced domain architecture querying.

Visualize domain architectures on the tree.
Download sequences in FASTA format.
Online visual editing.
SVG: vector graphics.


Customized SVG download

Hierarchical (taxonomic) JSON output

Hierarchical table (CSV) output
Copresence matrix (CSV)